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Local Towing

Our local towing consists of pick ups and drops offs within a 10 mile radius of Downtown Hagerstown and cost $60.00. We use our flat bed truck to ensure your vehicle has as little wear and tear as possible as we tow it to your destination.


Battery Jumps/Replacements

When your car battery dies from the lights being on or simply its age we can help you out. We have a jump service for the quick fix but if it deems a new battery we can get you your new battery and replace it on the spot for you. 


Long Distance Towing

Need a long distance haul? We have you covered. Call us to schedule a time and place and we'll take care of the rest. Our rates start at $60 hook up fee plus  a $2/mile charge. We'll work with you the best we can for your long hauls.



There's nothing worse than shutting your locked door as your turn around and see your keys on the seat or still in the ignition as the door shuts. We have the lock out tools necessary to get you back in safely and without damage to your vehicle.


Tire Changes

We pride ourselves in the variety of services we can provide and tire changes for passenger vehicles, cars, vans, SUVs and pick-ups is another service we can help you out with. We'll get to you as quick as we can and get you on your way again.



Whether you're stuck in the mud, snow, sand or any other inoperable substances we can get your out. We can winch you out from any roadside area that is not easily accessible. Call us with a clear understanding of the situation so we can bring the right equipment to safely get your vehicle out.

Need One Of Them? Give Us a Call Now!
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